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Stefflon Don – Favourite Girl Lyrics

[Intro: Haile & Stefflon Don] Yeah, in my zone, yeah, yeah We haffi do it ’til the mornin’ come Oh, you know we haffi do it ’til the mornin’ come [Verse 1: Stefflon Don] He only messin’ with the real don, call too rude If I ever got a problem, he got one too Guns read more »

Stefflon Don – Precious Heavy Lyrics

[Intro] Grimez [Verse 1] Fuck a nigga bring a bitch round Let me show him how to stack P Precious heavy, yeah, we crackin’ drinks This is everyting that I forseen Mummy cryin’ that was back when Steff Don was a likkle youth Now I’m grown, she don’t cry tears ‘Cause I drop racks, that’s read more »

Stefflon Don & DJ Khaled – Win Lyrics

[Intro: DJ Khaled] This the realest shit I ever said (DJ Khaled!) They don’t want us to make it They want us miserable, they want us broke They wanna finish us They don’t want us to win (another one) So we gon’ win more pon dem bumboclaat [Verse 1: Stefflon Don] They don’t wan see read more »

Stefflon Don – Crunch Time Lyrics

[Intro] Ayo, It’s crunch time niggas in 9, come get yo dick slime Noreaga, there ain’t no ho running through my bloodline Jet set what bitches gone bench, they swinging bullets Government give me your money, cash, I don’t want checks [Verse] I ain’t never flopped, ask about me If you want If you see read more »

Stefflon Don – Finesse Lyrics

[Intro] Don, uh [Verse] Bitch, I been finessin’ since the eighth grade But now I’m gettin’ paid just to show face If your nigga bummy, tell that nigga skate Most my bitches hoes but they never fake Still won’t pay the bill, even if I ate I don’t pay for meals, I don’t go on read more »

Stefflon Don & Future – What You Want Lyrics

[Intro: Future] I fell in love, my money gettin’ head Free Bandz I got you chillin’ on my bed spread Steff, what up? My niggas in the feds, my niggas on deck Grimez [Pre-Chorus: Stefflon Don & Future] They don’t know my struggles (struggles) They don’t know my pain (they don’t know my pain) They read more »

Stefflon Don – Both Ways Lyrics

[Chorus: Fekky] Ay, strike a pose, ay, everything you can get, everything fraud Push it back touch your toes, No, I stunt on my phone Bitch please wash my clothes, they was hatin’ we don’t throw [?] tip ghost Oh my, oh my day, hey [?] Pussy lickin like what [?] [Verse: Stefflon Don] Why read more »

Stefflon Don – Uber Lyrics

[Intro: Stefflon Don] Uh, oh Don, oh (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) Oh [Chorus: Stefflon Don] Put your ass in a Uber I’ma make you come sooner I just wanna lay with you now I just wanna lay with you now So put your ass in a Uber Comin’ over in a Uber I just wanna read more »

Ariana Grande – sweetener Lyrics

[Chorus] When life deals us cards Make everything taste like it is salt Then you come through like the sweetener you are To bring the bitter taste to a halt [Post-Chorus] And then you get it, get it, get it, get it (ayy) Hit it, hit it, hit it, hit it (ayy) Flip it, flip read more »

​Ariana Grande – pete davidson Lyrics

[Intro] Mmm, yeah, yuh [Verse] I thought you into my life, whoa Look at my mind, yeah No better place or a time How they align Universe must have my back Fell from the sky into my lap And I know you know That you’re my soulmate and all that I’m like ooh, ooh My read more »

Ariana Grande – successful Lyrics

[Intro] Yeah, yeah, mmm, oh, yeah Yeah, ooh, ooh, yeah [Verse 1] I just got some real good news from work, boy (Issa surprise, surprise) You can’t imagine what I’m ’bout to say (Issa surprise, surprise) It’s so hard to hold back, baby (Issa surprise, surprise) I’m so excited, I can hardly wait (Issa surprise, read more »

Rihanna – Bad Bitch (Demo) Lyrics

[Verse 1: Beyonce] He wanna feel my summer rain The thunder roar, yeah he wanna bang All of these bitches but he want the coldest yeah Cuz you prima donnas got nothin’ on me Classy, seductive, a devil in Prada yeah Turn on your cameras there’s something to see (Cameras in motion from this pop read more »

Beyoncé – Wake Up (R.E.M Demo) Lyrics

[Intro] I don’t wanna wake, wake [Verse 1] Excuse me? Um, I love you Who starts a conversation like that? Nobody but I do But you are not a picture, I can’t cut you up or hide you I’ll get you out my mind, hmm, I try to Why you in my dreams? I knew read more »

Young Thug – U Ain’t Slime Enough Lyrics

[Chorus: Young Thug] I slime you out, so I have you on this wing jet I slime you out, and split it with the team, yeah I slime you out, we pull up with the sting, yeah I slime you out, [?] with a machine, yeah I slime you out, I slime you motherfuckers out read more »

Young Thug – Tsunami Lyrics

[Intro] Yeah Wheezy outta here [Chorus] Young Wheezy the wave, young Wheezy the wave Wheezy the wave Young Wheezy the wave, young Wheezy the wave Wheezy the wave Wheezy the wave, young Wheezy the wave, tsunami wave Wheezy the wave, tsunami wave If you tryna fuck in one night, all the dawgs Young Aviator Keyyz, read more »

Young Thug – Goin Up Lyrics

[Intro: Young Thug & Lil Keed] Yeah Do you love me baby? Like I love you baby Keed Yeah [Chorus: Lil Keed] Yeah, in that Bentley coupe doin’ the whole thing Throw that shit up to the roof, bitch we balling Bring them bitches in the room if they all in I spent so many read more »

Young Thug – Expensive Lyrics

[Intro: Dolly] I’m ballin’, I’m ballin’ I’m ballin’, I’m ballin’ I’m ballin’, I’m ballin’ Billboard Hitmakers [Chorus: Dolly] I ain’t ballin’ on a budget bill, yeah (budget bill) Fuck around and I’ma catch a deal, yeah (catch a deal) Fuck around and I’ma catch a mil, yeah (catch a mil) Sit back and watch me read more »

Young Thug – Gain Clout Lyrics

[Chorus] All of these young niggas killin’ each other, they tryna just gain clout How you gon’ lie, just say that I said that, the fuck is you talkin’ about? I had the dick inside of her mouth and I still had the chopper out I put the bitch inside of a Range, the way read more »

Young Thug – Slimed In Lyrics

[Chorus: Nechie] What’s your kind then, yeah my slimes in All these diamonds, fuck you thought? (fuck you thought?) Wipe your nose clean, fuck your whole team We don’t spare a thing, knock ’em off What’s your kind then, yeah my slimes in All these diamonds, fuck you thought? Wipe your nose clean, fuck your read more »

Young Thug – Chanel (Go Get It) Lyrics

[Intro: Gunna & Future] Anything she want she can get Anything she want she can get Anything she want she can get Wheezy outta here [Chorus: Young Thug] She want Chanel, go get it, she want Chanel, go get it She want this Fendi, go get it, she want a Birkin, go get it She read more »

Young Thug – Oh Yeah Lyrics

[Intro: Young Thug] All I said is for you to keep it real, each and every day Aww, darling, yeah [Chorus: Young Thug] Plain Jane AP with a Cuban link to match it Diamonds on me dancin’, got me lookin’ like Michael Jackson I don’t want you dead, that’s that Fed talk Most these niggas read more »

Young Thug – Scoliosis Lyrics

[Intro: Young Thug] Yeah, drink this cum, bitch getting pumped (woo) Black bitch, Keke Palmer (black bitch) Yeah, pray for a lifetime when you bond us (SEX) Yeah yeah, real slow when I pump her (woo woo) [Chorus: Young Thug] Maserati coupe, it’s a sedan in the garage (skrrt) [?] all white gold, I’m no read more »

Taylor Swift – Thirteen Blocks (Can’t Call It Love) Lyrics

[Verse 1] Stumble up the porch step You sat down in the car Only thirteen blocks across this town To get to where you are And that don’t offer me much time To make up my mind So I best be driving slow On my way to letting go These headlights they just wanna fade read more »

Ariana Grande – breathin Lyrics

[Verse 1] Some days, things just take way too much of my energy I look up and the whole room’s spinning You take my cares away I can so overcomplicate, people tell me to medicate [Pre-Chorus] Feel my blood runnin’, swear the sky’s fallin’ How do I know if this shit’s fabricated? Mmm Time goes read more »

Janet Jackson – Made for Now Lyrics

[Intro: Daddy Yankee] Janet Jackson Iconic Daddy [Verse 1: Janet Jackson] If you’re livin’ for the moment Don’t stop, and celebrate the feelin’ Go up, if you’re livin’ for the moment Don’t stop, ’cause I break those ceilings Go up [Chorus: Janet Jackson & Daddy Yankee] We’re made for now Not tomorrow Made for now read more »

Miguel – Vote lyrics

[Intro] Good time, vote for that Good time, vote for that Good time, vote for that Good time, vote for that Good time, vote for that Good time, vote for that Good time, vote for that Good time, vote for that I’ve got that feeling, the feeling too easy As long as I’m breathing, I’ve read more »

Allie X – Science lyrics

[Verse 1] Think we can see Mercury, following the light Driving to the restaurant while my lipstick dries Yeah, we’ve got next to nothing but nothing feels so right As stumbling through the dark with you, comets in the sky [Pre-Chorus] Baby, wherever we go Breathe a little bit closer Drive up, right into the read more »

Ina Wroldsen – Favela lyrics

[Verse 1] As the sun rises She opens up her hazel, beautiful lies and Begins Her baby cries She picks him up and tells him beautiful lies Again [Chorus] She come round favela-la Hills of Santa Teresa Underneath the Redeemer And the sun in the sky She come round the favela-la Ask me E ai read more »

Kid Ink – Cana lyrics

[Intro: Kid Ink] Yeah, oh, ooh Oh, oh, oh Tropicana Baby, can I? [Chorus: Kid Ink] I got, I got, I got tropicana (woo!) When I come into the spot, they go bananas Head down to my shoes, drippin’ like the juice See I’m livin’ proof I got the juice, got the juice I got, read more »

Ariana Grande – My Everything lyrics

I cried enough tears to see my own reflection in them And then it was clear I can’t deny, I really miss him To think that I was wrong I guess you don’t know what you got til it’s gone Pain is just a consequence Of love I’m saying sorry for the sake of us read more »