Orphaned Land – Like Orpheus lyrics

Close my eyes, I cannot see
Sudden blindness upon me
This ray of light is so unknown
From womb of darkness I am born

Lift the veil of shade forever
Like a candle that’s within me I receive the gift of sight
And rise!
This life is a storm that rages on
Fire, wind, the earth and sea are one
I sing before you all like Orpheus with torch in hand

The cave it still lies within
Like a never ending sin
Paint these walls with crimson light
The phoenix now is taking flight

“Stare back to the abyss
Hades who rules there shall grant thee salvation”

Like the snow that brings December
I am the spark that sets the flame of truth alight
And fight!
And this life is the pain of being born
Man, child and woman all are one
I sing before you all…

Like Orpheus

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