Gucci Mane – Wake Up In The Sky lyrics

[Intro: Bruno Mars & Gucci Mane] Fly, fly, fly It’s Gucci (it’s Gucci) Huh? Fly (woo) [Chorus: Bruno Mars & Gucci Mane] I drink ’til I’m drunk (yeah), smoke til I’m high (yeah) Castle on the hill (well damn), wake up in the sky You can’t tell me I ain’t fly (you can’t tell me read more »


[Chorus] So damn rare like Chupacabra, my come up so catastrophic (yeah, yeah, yeah) Broski got the arm and hammer, shell it out, collect the profit My bitch bad like Caribana, shake the ass so astronomic My bag got some demons on it, duck it, dodge it, shake it off, yeah (yeah, aye) Yellowbone wan’ read more »

Noname – With You Lyrics

[Verse] This is my happy ever suicide My hands tied behind my breast My silhouette did pirouettes The curtains are closing My baby was my ooh-lah lah, neverlasting My baby was my cry me rivers and shadow casket Who could be my lovely, my lovely? Who could be my only one, my only? I’m almost read more »

Tori Kelly – Masterpiece Lyrics

[Intro: Choir & Tori Kelly] Ooh It’s so crazy to me Ooh How mistakes can be Ooh A blessing in disguise Ooh Lord, I’m so glad You’re making me A masterpiece Masterpiece (oh Lord) [Verse 1: Tori Kelly & Kirk Franklin] Hit me! When you look at me Do you see a work of art read more »

Wale – Dummies Lyrics

[Intro] We in a different time now, bro Man, we all gotta do our part One of the most valuable things you can offer is your words We gotta feed the old, the young and everybody in between (woooooooooooooo!) [Chorus] These niggas be hatin’ on the low I just play it cool and confident, they read more »

Carrie Underwood – The Bullet Lyrics

[Verse 1] Line of limousines leaves one by one The prayers been prayed The hymns been sung Black mascara’s already run But the tears keep flowing You can blame it on hate or blame it on guns, but mamas ain’t supposed to bury their sons Left a hole in her heart and it still ain’t read more »

Young Dolph – By Mistake Lyrics

[Verse 1] Run up on this fire, and get burnt lil nigga (fire) Spent a half of million just on furniture nigga (damn) Paper Router business, it don’t concern you lil nigga (watch out) Be careful who you call your friend, they turn on you nigga I’m DUI right now, I don’t belong behind the read more »

Cypress Hill – Crazy Lyrics

[Intro: B-Real] I think I’m goin’ crazy [Chorus: B-Real & [?]] I think I’m goin’ crazy, losin’ my mind I see elephants all of the time, I’m goin’ loco I think I’m losin’ my mind, goin’ crazy (I’m goin’ loco) Feel like I’m flyin’ on a spaceship (smoked out [?]) Speech gone, elephants got my read more »

6LACK – Pretty Little Fears Lyrics

[Verse 1: 6LACK] Do better Who better You better? Been around Like hella, propellers Wanna know who you with Don’t tell him Come on fellas, that ain’t none of your biz’ Got on your body suit, you know I’m on your ass today Would you let me hit it thrice if I asked today? She read more »

6LACK – Balenciaga Challenge Lyrics

[Intro] Listen, okay? Let me just say this: if a nigga wanna fuck with me, he gon’ fuck with all of me, he ain’t gon’ fuck with me sometimes, he gon’ fuck with me all motherfucking time, period I ain’t going for none of that bullshit. You know, these niggas be out here tryna play read more »

6LACK – Disconnect Lyrics

[Verse 1] You think I don’t know and call it quits How could I not know after all this here I spent so much time tryna find a signal but It’s safe to say it’s no good But nigga need to roll up [Pre-Chorus] No, I don’t wanna piss you off No, I ain’t tryna read more »

6LACK – Seasons Lyrics

[Verse 1: 6LACK] It’s been a little cold In out-outside Switch of the wardrobe Gotta be dressed for a ride Got hit with a winter breeze And all we like to act tough, what we do it for? Be careful with [?] No need to be so cold, I wanna be more [Chorus: 6LACK] Oh, read more »

Marilyn Manson – The Beautiful People (Demo) Lyrics

[Verse 1] And I don’t want you and I don’t need you Don’t bother to resist ’cause I’ll beat you It’s not your fault that you’re always wrong The weak ones are there to justify the strong The beautiful people, the beautiful people It’s all relative to the size of your steeple You can’t see read more »

Marilyn Manson – P Is for Porno Lyrics

[Intro] When you wish upon your star Don’t let yourself fall, fall in too hard [Verse 1] I fell into you, now I’m on my back An insect decaying in your little trap I squirm into you, now I’m in your gut I fell into you, now I’m in a rut [Pre-Chorus] I am the read more »

Marilyn Manson – Little Black Spots Lyrics

[Verse 1] Each time I make my mother cry An angel dies and falls from heaven (But when they get to you) When the boy is still a worm It’s hard to learn the number seven (4, 3, 2, 1, never get to 7) It’s the first thing that they do (5, 6, 7, 8, read more »

6LACK – Scripture Lyrics

[Intro] Now, why you can’t take what I’ve been through Imagine I never went through what I went through Yeah Came, up, uh [Verse 1] Ay, I want more Until I get it I won’t slow I’m on tour Opening some brand new doors On top, but we came from the floor Do you believe read more »

Major Lazer – All My Life Lyrics

[Intro] Major Lazer, Burna Boy and Major Lazer Major Lazer [Verse 1] How I me do Pick up the package dawg This a military ting like I come from Afghanistan Dressed in camouflage Before I turned 21 I was already savage dawg I tell ya yeah, pull up in a foreign whip, foreign girl ah read more »

Wale – My Boy (Freestyle) Lyrics

[Intro: Wale] Come here, Cole [?] here? Nah, I’m here Yeah, bounce, bounce My boy, my boy My boy, my boy, my boy Yeah, right here [Verse 1: Wale] Ay, look, uh, yeah, ok Concrete since day one Ain’t no time to make up Ain’t no time for that hoe Like baby, word to a read more »

Khalid – Better lyrics

Love Just know that I’ll ever be here I’ll be with you, love It’s not alright and I’ll never get that back now I’m not…it doesn’t sound so good I love to see you shine in the night like the diamond you are (I love to see you shine in the night like the diamond read more »

Gucci Mane – Be A Thug (Ft. Peter Man) Lyrics

[Hook: Peter Man] Rol? hands up, be a thug Die with yo guns up, be a thug Roll ? hands up, be a thug Die with yo guns up, nigga what? Roll? hands up, be a thug Die with yo guns up, be a thug Roll? hands up, be a thug [Verse 1: Gucci Mane] read more »

Gucci Mane – Pay Me (Ft. Fruity) Lyrics

[Hook: Fruity and Gucci Mane] I love you Gucci Mane, I love you too You got me? by all the things you do Well, bitch, pay me what you oh me, Imma pay you what I oh you I love you Gucci Mane, I love the loot You got me? by all the things you read more »

6LACK – East Atlanta Love Letter Lyrics

[Intro: Future] Freebandz 6LACK, yeah [Verse 1: 6LACK & Future] Curiosity been at a all-time high in the tree tops I remix your life like cut cocaine and it’s all rewrap Ain’t been wanting much lately, no, ’cause you’re my detox Repeat, run it back, one more time, till we hit the sweet spot Better read more »

6LACK – Let Her Go Lyrics

[Intro] Ay Are you? [Verse 1] Are you tryna get back at me? You can’t let ’em win, all they really wanna do is distract me She like, “Who you fooling? You been out here tryna make a move, ay” She like, “Boy, it’s a tool, wait. Groupies only following what you say” It’s a read more »

6LACK – Sorry Lyrics

[Intro] Nah, but, listen, I’m following my dreams, I’m chasing my, my, my, my dreams, uhm, accomplishing on my goal. I’m doing what I’m supposed to do. And that’s, you know, niggas, they always gonna leave it [Verse 1] Really hate saying sorry Gotta be another way I know you heard regardless Tryna take away read more »

David Guetta – Let It Be Me Lyrics

[Chorus] When you’re faded and alone You need somebody on the phone Let it be me, let it be me When she leaves you in the rain You need a high to kill the pain Let it be me, let it be me And I’ll show you love the way it supposed to be [Post-Chorus] read more »

Lana Del Rey – Will You Still Love Me lyrics

I’ve seen the world Done it all Had my cake now Diamonds, brilliant and Bel-Air now. Hot summer nights, mid July When you and I were forever wild The crazy days, city lights The way you’d play with me like a child Will you still love me when I’m no longer young and beautiful? Will read more »

Yung Bans – Raf Ricky Lyrics

[Intro] Yeah Plug Hmm, yeah, ayy, Bans Hmm, ayy Ayy, money so long, hmm Money so long [Chorus] Ayy, drippin’ all this Raf Ricky Too much designer on me, I’m sticky, huh Diamonds on my neck, they glisten Fake ass [?], ayy Blood in my eyes, I’m seein’ red Money so long just like a read more »

JoJo – When Love Hurts (Demo) Lyrics

[Intro] When love hurts, baby Yeah, that’s how you know it’s real When love hurts, yeah that’s how you know it Yeah that’s how you know it’s real [Verse 1] It’s like we speak a different language These double-sided conversations set me up Keep dodging bullets in the bedroom But neither one will ever say read more »

Future – Take You Back Lyrics

[Intro] My love My love All night I’ve been drunk and confused All night Wishin’ I never made rules All night I’m so tired of bein’ a fool All night What should I do? [Chorus] I know I said what I said, but that ain’t what I mean I’ll take you back, I’ll take you read more »

G-Eazy – Rewind Lyrics

[Intro] Hitmaka [Chorus: Anthony Russo & G-Eazy] I can’t take you blowin’ up my line Fuckin’ up my vibe every night Look at this back and forth shit We might have to rewind We might have to rewind (ohh) I can’t take you blowin’ up my line Fuckin’ up my vibe every night Look at read more »