Taylor Swift – …Ready For It (On SNL) (Live)

[Verse 1] Knew he was a killer first time that I saw him Wonder how many girls he had loved and left haunted But if he’s a ghost, then I can be a phantom Holdin’ him for ransom Some, some boys are tryin’ too hard He don’t try at all, though Younger than my exes read more »

Ke$ha – Learn To Let Go (At MTV Emas 2017) (Live)

[Verse 1] Been a prisoner of the past Had a bitterness when I looked back Was telling everyone it’s not that bad ‘Til all my shit hit the fan [Pre-Chorus] I know I’m always like Telling everybody you don’t gotta be a victim Life ain’t always fair, but hell is living in resentment Choose redemption read more »

Ari Lennox – Goat

[Chorus] Said baby you’re the greatest Of all time the greatest So won’t you hit my line You’re still on my mind [Post-Chorus] Said I ain’t seen your ass in a couple months But if you want it baby you can get you some And all that conflict, we can work out So gon head read more »

Nickelback – The Betrayal Act III

Table has been set Serving up the worst regret Waiting for the chance Serpents love the circumstance Speaking to the sky Slight of hand and cheap disguise Naming of your price Payment for the sacrifice Demon in your ear Evil on your breath You brought the wolves right here You brought the kiss of death read more »

Hunter Hayes – You Should Be Loved (Part One Of “Pictures”)

[Verse 1] Look at you, just look at you You’re perfect, that’s for sure Diamond eyes and beauty like I’ve never seen before You should be shining like a star instead of crying like you are Held by a man who don’t know what he has How can I make you see… [Chorus] You should read more »

U2 – The Blackout

[Verse 1] A dinosaur, wonders why it’s still on the earth, yeah A meteor, promises it’s not gonna hurt, yeah Earthquake, always happen when you’re in bed, Fred The house shakes, maybe was it something I said, Ned Go, easy on me, easy me, lover Go, easy on me, easy on me now [Chorus] When read more »

Ninja Man Released From Hospital Judge Rule Case Must Move Forward

Tweet Share Ninja Man was released from the hospital a few days ago and is now back in police custody. The dancehall legend was absent from his high profile murder trial for about a week following an hospitalization about a week and a half ago. His attorney said that he suffered a mild heart attack read more »

Alkaline Stops Skin Bleaching and Dancehall Fans Cosign

Tweet Share Alkaline may have stopped skin bleaching and dancehall fans are giving him two thumbs up. The Vendetta boss posted a video on Instagram last night promoting an upcoming show in New Jersey. Some of his fans quickly noticed that he looked a lot darker than he did recently. “Alka a turn back black read more »

EXID – Ddd (Sub Español, Hangul, Roma)

덜덜덜덜 덜덜덜덜 덜덜덜덜 덜덜덜덜 알아먹게 Talk해 다리 떨지 말고 왜 아무 말이나 해 건 어디 말이니 어버버 Uh 어버버버버버 떨리는 동공 더더더덜 머리 굴리는 소리 안 나게 좀 해 봐 다 티가 나 기가 차 뭐가 그리 찔리나 지금 웃음이 나와 짜증 나게 내가 뭘 했다고 니 머리 다리 팔이 떨려 덜덜덜 Yeah 도둑마냥 제 read more »

Twice – 24-7 (Sub Español, Hangul, Roma)

매일매일 들리는 투정들 일주일을 반복해도 끝이 없는걸 Every day yeah 어제와 똑같은 오늘 하루 눈에 그려지는 내일의 나도 이젠 I can’t deal with it yeah 지긋지긋한 알람 소리가 들리는 똑같은 하루하루가 시작돼 No no no 24/7 징징 울려오는 핸드폰 Everyday 귀찮게 굴어도 Don’t worry hey hey hey hey 신경 쓰려 하지 마 24/7 둥둥 떠오르는 read more »

Twice – Don’t Give Up (Sub Español, Hangul, Roma)

힘을 내 Baby don’t give up 매일같이 모두 다 Happy하진 않아 재미있는 일 많지만 걱정도 많아 나만 그런 생각하고 사는 건 아냐 누구나 다 걱정거리는 안고 살아 크레파스 들고 마음 도화지에 가득 칠해봐 네 확신을 의심하지 마 말아줘 또다시 망설이는 일은 하지 말아줘 매일 내게 말해줘 힘을 내 Baby don’t give up 자 오른손에 하나 read more »

Twice – Ffw (Sub Español, Hangul, Roma)

F A S T F O R W A R D F A S T F O R W A R D 이 시간을 넘어서 널 향해 바로 갈 거니까 F A S T F O R W A R D 너무 빨리 감아서 어지러울지 몰라 F A S T F O R W A read more »

Sade – Diamond Life

He laughing with another girl And playing with another heart Placing high stakes Making hearts ache He’s lovely Seven nights and days Diamond nights and groupie life High in the sky Heaven help him when he falls Diamond life, lover boy We move in space We’ve been on our ways for maximum joy City lights read more »

C.C.S. – Whole Lotta Love

You need coolin’, baby, I’m not foolin’ I’m gonna send you back to schoolin’ Way down inside, honey, you need it I’m gonna give you my love I’m gonna give you my love Wanna whole lotta love Wanna whole lotta love Wanna whole lotta love Wanna whole lotta love You’ve been learnin’, baby, I bean read more »

Dave East – Don’t Try Me (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)

[Intro: Dave East and Lil Uzi Vert] All I know is designer shit No money, blue hunnids Yeah, you know Lil Uzi, yeah you know (What’s crackin’) Huh, you know we got all the money All the money nigga (Yeah) [Chorus: Lil Uzi Vert] Tell that little nigga don’t try me Tell that little nigga read more »

Blackbear – Gucci Linen (feat. 2 Chainz)

[Chorus: blackbear] My bed is draped in Gucci linen, uh I never say, "I love you" to these women, no Unless you is my mama, yeah I take her shopping, tell her You can have anything you want in here Ooh, when I’m fucking, call me Papa, yeah They saying I’m a problem yeah I’m read more »

Wale – Good To Great (feat. Phil Ade)

[Intro: Wale] I got every right to feel myself, right, baby? True story, right? I told her I’d pick her up, she said, “Cool” She said, “What time,” I said, “2” Then she asked me what time she’d be back I said, “2:30” She said, “Pssh, like that?” I said, “Pssh, I’ve been like that” read more »

Skippa Da Flippa – With Or Without You

Intro] Ohhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhh Hehe, woaw Imma get money with or without you [Chorus] Old hunnits green but I love em blue Flippa have to a one to a two I done spent a grip up off my shoes And imma do what I gotta do See I done came from being on the news Now read more »

marshmello – Blocks

[Instrumental] Bass is kicking, drums is drumming Beatin’ down the block, you can hear me coming Put your hands up

G-Eazy – The Beautiful & Damned (feat. Zoe Nash)

[Hook: Zoe Nash] Ever seen a devil with a halo Ever seen an angel with some horns Everybody got their own demons Everybody fightin’ their own war, oh [Verse 1: G-Eazy] When you move this fast as I’m movin’ All the toxic things that I’m using All the substances I’m abusin’ All the sex, and read more »

Demi Lovato – Too Good At Goodbyes (Sam Smith Cover) (In The Live Lounge) (Live)

You must think that I’m stupid You must think that I’m a fool You must think that I’m new to this But I have seen this all before I’m never gonna let you close to me Even though you mean the most to me ‘Cause every time I open up, it hurts So I’m never read more »

Demi Lovato – Sorry Not Sorry (In The Live Lounge) (Live)

[Intro] Payback is a bad bitch And baby, I’m the baddest (I’m the baddest, I’m the baddest) [Verse 1] Now I’m out here looking like revenge Feelin’ like a ten, the best I’ve ever been And yeah, I know how bad it must hurt To see me like this, but it gets worse (wait a read more »

Vybz Kartel Appeal Trial Pushed Back To New Date

Tweet Share Vybz Kartel highly anticipated appeal trial has been pushed back to a new date. The dancehall artist’s appeal trial was originally set for February 19, 2018, but the case has been pushed back to July 9th next year. Vybz Kartel team of lawyers led by Tom Tavares-Finson filed a motion asking the appeal read more »

Aidonia and Stephen McGregor Join Forces Again

Tweet Share Collaborating with award-winning music producer Stephen ‘Di Genius’ McGregor throughout the years has proven to be a successful formula for high riding deejay Aidonia. Aside from a plethora of hits, ‘Fi Di Jockey’, one of their last effort continues to infiltrate various markets across the globe amassing over 15 million views online in read more »

Rick Ross Showed Up At Meek Mill Rally In Philly

Tweet Share Rick Ross showed up at Meek Mill rally in Philadelphia on Monday to show his support. The MMG boss has been weighing in on the controversial sentencing since last week and now he shared some more words with the fans in person at a massive rally in front of the Philadelphia’s Criminal Justice read more »

XXXTentacion Confirmed He Got Beat Down By Migos

Tweet Share Seems Migos claimed another victing and this time its XXXTentacion. The Lauderhill rapper confirmed in a video her posted on Instagram on Monday night that Migos jumped him in L.A. There is no word yet from the Atlanta rap trio, but Cardi B posted a video of herself and Offset basically confirming that read more »

Fans Poured Out For Free Meek Mill Rally In Philly [VIDEO]

Tweet Share Thousands of fans poured out in Philadelphia on Monday for a Free Meek Mill rally. The Dreamchasers rapper is currently serving 2-4 years in a state prison in Pennsylvania for probation violation. But his sentencing last week sparked a national debate about the criminal justice system and now his fans are demanding a read more »

Gucci Mane New Album “El Gato” May Arrive By Year End

Tweet Share Gucci Mane drop his new album, Mr. Davis, in October and now he might drop his next project, El Gato, by the end of the year. Gucci is known to drop a lot of project simultaneously so this move shouldn’t come as a surprise. About two weeks after dropping Mr. Davis, the Atlanta read more »

August Alsina Is On Twitter Blasting Def Jam “Label Is TRASH”

Tweet Share August Alsina maybe soon hear from lawyers representing Def Jam Recordings. The R&B singer took to Twitter on Monday to blast Def Jam while calling the label trash and saying that they are holding his music hostage and holding him hostage. The root of his grouse with the label seems to be about read more »

SZA Song “The Weekend” Certified Platinum

Tweet Share SZA has had a great year and now she has more to celebrate after her single “The Weekend” goes platinum. The TDE singer gets her platinum plaque from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) just before she celebrated her 27th birthday on November 8th. The single is featured on her debut album read more »