Peculiarities of Japanese Sex Culture

Japan is known as one of the oddest places in the world. For the main part of the western world, Japan’s culture remains weird and suggesting at the same time. We’ve seen those weird Japanese films. We know that Japanese culture has some strange manifestations as hikikomori. It turns out that despite all that the most popular question that bugs western people is how weird sex is in Japanese culture. Well, it makes no surprise that sex is as odd and weird as Japanese culture as a whole. So, let’s check out the most bizarre aspects of Japanese sex culture (what if they will come in hand when you will be in searches of women for marriage).


Vibrator Bars 

Well, although it seems quite normal to please yourself in the country where certain people refuse to leave their room, but there are vibrator bars in Japan. The most famous vibrator bar the Wild One Vibe Bar, which is situated in the Shibuya district of Tokyo, where for 3,000 yen you can use one of the three hundreds of manufactured in Japan and imported vibrators for an hour and a half while sipping drinks. Mind that single men can’t enter this bar. Men are eligible to enter only when accompanied by women. No one said that Japanese sex culture is not sexist.


Enjo Kosai or Compensated Dating

 Enjo Kosai is the tradition of young girls dating older men for money. And if you think about prostitution, you are terribly wrong. Enjo Kosai doesn’t involve sex. Older men pay girls to go with them on a date, talk with them, and rarely touch and kiss them. Although, sex initially was a part of compensated dating, but it lasted roughly for fifteen years. The tradition that developed in the mid-1980s was left without any sexual pleasures after 1999 when the Japanese law made it illegal to engage in paid sex with anybody under the age of 18, while Enjo Kosai is mainly focused on schoolgirls aged 14-16.


Charity Porn

 From 2006 to 2010 Japanese porn-production Natural High, which specializes in extreme forms of pornography, has been producing serious of porn films known as Naked Continent. Billed as “anthropological documentary porn” Naked Continent was basically serious of films that documented travels through different continents and encounters with aborigines but mixed with hard-core sex scenes. After observing the poor state of living of Kenyan children, the producer of the serious started donating the money from the serious in different aid companies working in Africa, thus making the Naked Continent the very first charity porn series.


Rape Clubs

 Unfortunately, there are dark aspects of Japanese sex culture as well. The Super Free social club was notorious throughout the 1990s thanks to its wild parties. But parties had ended being too wild. In the mid-1990s the most popular form of partying at the Super Free club was getting unsuspected women dead drunk and then gang-rape them. The fact that the club is now defunct and all of its executives are arrested comes as no surprise.


Orgasm Wars

 Orgasm Wars is a hilarious TV feature, where gay men try to make Japanese female porn-stars to come by talking with them. Needless to say that the show is scripted, but it doesn’t make it less hilarious.

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