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T.I. – Warzone

[Hook] Can’t you see we livin’ in a war zone? Guess you don’t notice when you livin’ in it Like every weekend it’s a man down Ain’t got no pity for the innocent so I’ma represent it Dedicated, tell ’em,"Hands up, can’t breathe Hands up, can’t breathe Hands up, can’t breathe" Hands up, can’t you read more »

Jidenna – BET Cypher Lyrics

[Intro: Jidenna] Primo, you ready to set it off? [Verse 1: Aaron Cooks] Yellow lives matters Yellow God, nappy head trapper Mack daddy, daddy macker Criss cross with the wrist, I whip backwards I walk on water in black Louie Scoop some up in a pot and get back to it The light skin Makavelli read more »