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Tiron & Ayomari – It’s A Trip

[AYOMARI] Sun came out this morning, not a care in the air today BBQ cueing by the food, food Couple cute girls on the way Told her bring some friends wit em Fucked around, blew a speaker but it’s okay Too hot for some pants, denim Know they gon pull up in them shorts totally read more »

2 Chainz – Day Party (Hibachi For Lunch Album) letras

[Intro] Yeah, day party at my crib, you invited Day party at my crib, bring a lighter Don’t be going out by the deep-end if you can’t swim Ain’t no lifeguard, yeah, I’m a trife God Yeah, I’m a trench guard, yeah, hit up this park [Hook] Yeah, you gon’ need work, yeah, you gon’ read more »