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Soulja Boy – Flame (Intro)

[Intro] Everyday I’m gettin’ to that K Walk up this morning, then I went and bought a Wraith Smokin’ on dope, now I’m high in the space And then call my lawyer, I got caught With the Draco, with the case Ya know the fuck goin’ on man You now listening to Big Soulja the read more »

Soulja Boy – Trappin’ N Cappin’ (Big Soulja Album)

[Shout outs] [Chorus] Trappin’ n cappin’ I’m whippin’ the pot I post up Zone 1 with the pans and the pots I came up from trappin’ n cappin’, now I got that guap Draco pull up, and I spray your block I’m trappin’ n cappin’, watching for the cops I walk around with the bands read more »

Soulja Boy – Thot (Ah Ah)

Yeah You know what going on Soulja Soulja Big Soulja I’m outta space with it [Hook] Hurricane when I whip the pot (whip whip whip whip) All this money know I getting gwop I don’t know your bitch she gave me top Mazaratti swerving off the lot (skrrrrrr) Top, top your girl gave me top read more »