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Reh Dogg – Dirty Minded lyrics

(Intro) Yeah ah come now (Chorus) 2 times Sometimes I feel like you’re jocking me Like you’re jocking me Yeah ah Yeah ah (Verse) Eyes on me are you lonely Are you horny do you want me You must like me wanna know me Wanna ride me Me so horny Asian lady 69 me Come read more »

Lil Durk – True Colors Lyrics

[Verse 1] Have a threesome with your bestie I’mma chance it Don’t take a pic when we together that’s a fed shit I spent over 4-5 racks on these glasses I want that purple with my color just like Kansas Make sure I’m super fly because the cameras Put a mm mm mm mm inside read more »

Thinnest Line

Lyrics to ‘Thinnest Line’ by Chaz French: –Verse 1– I put a lot of people before myself this year Yea but fuck it I do it all the time I swear I paid a lot of people’s bills off this year Yea and I ended up late on mine I spent more than $100,000 and read more »

21 Savage – Slime (feat. Young Nudy) (Slaughter King Mixtape) letras

[Hook: Young Nudy] He Gotta hunned, we slime He got the money, we slime Pull up on ya, then we slime Talking ’bout they is so slime Ion think y’all niggas slime Have you ever seen a slime? Walking ’round, the word slime Drippin on a nigga slime Y’all niggas not slime Ion think y’all read more »