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Blac Chyna Wants To Be Next Nicki Minaj Launch Rap Career

Blac Chyna is gunning to be the next Nicki Minaj and has already launched her rap career. Yes you heard that right and this is no joke, Blac Chyna, the same girl that has a baby for Tyga and Rob Kardashian is currently in the studio working on some new music, TMZ reported. Sources are read more »

God Church – RiceGum lyrics

Lyrics RiceGum – God Church I was broke but I’m living in the hills now I was crazy but this ice made me chill out No 20’s, I need blue on my bills I’m not like Kylie Jenner, everything I got is real now When I’m out, you be staring like a sightseer I will read more »

Blac Chyna Says Rob Kardashian Threatened To Kill Himself

Blac Chyna did her press run today and manages to get a restraining order against Rob Kardashian, but is he suicidal? Rob Kardashian did not contest Blac Chyna’s restraining order in court on Monday, which means that he is now barred from making any more posts about her on social media in the future. Sources read more »

Blac Chyna Reacts To Rob Kardashian Meltdown Threaten Legal Action

Blac Chyna has broken her silence about Rob Kardashian leaking her photos on Instagram on Wednesday and she is threatening legal action. During his Instagram meltdown, Rob Kardashian claimed that Blac Chyna cheated on him with over 20 different men and even posted a photo of two of the men and a video of Chyna read more »

Rob Kardashian Exposes Blac Chyna Leaks Photos & Videos

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are at it again and this time nude photos are being leaked on Instagram. Rob posted a video of Blac Chyna kissing another man that he claimed that she sent to him to hurt him. “Chyna just sent me this video saying happy 4th of July what a crazy person,” read more »

Money showers – Fat Joe feat. Remy Ma lyrics

Lyrics Fat Joe – Money showers Understand, they gotta understand a nigga Got her on the town Every time I’m in your city, make ’em understand You know how this shit gon’ blow up whenever I’m in town Whenever I’m in town Yeah, understand, they gotta understand a nigga Got her on the town Every read more »

Kanye West – Highlights (The Life Of Pablo Album)

[Intro: Young Thug and Kanye West] High lights Tell my baby I’m back in town High lights Tell everybody I’m back in town High lights Tell my baby I’m back in town High lights We only makin’ the highlights Tell my mama, tell my mama, that I only want my whole life to only be read more »

Game – 92 Bars (1992 Album) letras

[Verse] This that sick rap, kick back, come to where I pitch at Where bitches love The Game like Tyson Beckford six pack Presidential Rollie, nigga, where your wrist at? I can kill you in four bars, that’s a Kit Kat Did the Lambo my way with a sick wrap Smooth as Frank Sinatra with read more »