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Chip – League Of My Own (The Intro) (League Of My Own II Album)

[Intro] Yo, Jahmaal, wagwan? What’s going on? Dad I’m just here right now to give you some positive inspiration, okay? So, I’m prayin’ on a level for you and your team Ermm, to push forward, you know? There’s all kind of negativity goin’ on in the world right now So let me give you some read more »

Chip – Confirmed (League Of My Own II Album)

[Verse 1: Chip] Let ’em know the man’s bossy Victory laps in my own league Just took the badge off my stoney Teenagers rocking rollies, that was my gang You don’t wanna try man, nah Yo, I don’t like people approaching me (nah) Step with the gang and F1 They won’t let you get close read more »

Chip – Normal (feat. Donae’o) (League Of My Own II Album)

[Intro: Chip & Donae’o] Normal (Donae’o) Chippy (Donae’o) Cash Motto inside (Donae’o) Normal vibe (Donae’o) Yeah (ah) [Chorus: Donae’o] Every day I’m high and it’s normal Pussy on my mind and it’s normal Money on my mind and it’s normal Niggas on a hype and it’s normal Every day I’m high and it’s normal Every read more »

Chip – Honestly (feat. 67) (League Of My Own II Album)

[Intro: TTC Subway Announcer] The next station is Don Mills Don Mills Station [Chorus: Chip] You should be honest, G (you should be honest, G) Honestly, honestly (honestly, honestly) Admit it, you’re onto me (admit it, admit it) Honestly, honestly (honestly, honestly) What made you turn on me? (What made you turn on me?) Honestly, read more »

Chip – Winter Time Lyrics

[Hook] Yeah, in the winter time, it gets cold Tracksuits, boots and coats I do mic and my friends do road In the summertime, they’ve got snow Year 9, started doing my thing Year 10, hit school in my Timbs Year 11, in a league of my own Yeah [Verse 1] Bringing that heat again read more »