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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Starting Over lyrics

(feat. Ben Bridwell of Band Of Horses) [Intro: Macklemore] 1, 2, now [Verse 1: Macklemore] Those three-plus years, I was so proud of Then I threw them all away for two Styrofoam cups The irony, everyone will think that “He lied to me” Made my sobriety so public, there’s no fucking privacy If I don’t read more »

Arcade Fire – We Don’t Deserve Love (Everything Now Album)

[Verse 1] Keep both eyes on the road tonight ‘Cause I’m driving home to you A terrible song on the radio Baby what else is new? [Pre-Chorus] You don’t want to talk You don’t want to touch You don’t even wanna watch TV You say I can’t see the forest for the trees So burn read more »

MANAFEST – Fearless

[Chorus: Alicia Simila] Without a doubt in my mind Through shadows I climb Put it all on the line I’m fearless, fearless (2x) [Verse 1: Manafest] Please don’t judge me now I’m only human Burned every bridge down I keep it cruising No more class clown Still a student Not your average in town Just read more »