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Drake Says Lebron James Is One Of His Biggest Inspirations “We’re Brothers”

Drake says Lebron James is not just his brother and friend, but also one of his biggest inspirations. The 6 God and King James have been friends for years and during a sit-down between the two stars and Chris Bosh, Drizzy made the revelation. Drake and Lebron have teamed up to co-executive produced a documentary read more »

Nick Grant – Bouncin

[Verse 1: Nick Grant] Uh… Somebody tell them niggas that I’m legendary We gon’ check ’em first, like the secretary Leap the competition Twenty-ninth of February This double M is all I need I think I’m Meth & Mary Bouncin’ I peel off like a dead nigga’ Shooter do it himself Boy he Blair Witchin’ read more »

OG Maco – God Willin (Children Of The Rage Album)

[Hook] Lotta of niggas wanna hate on me What’s the reason nigga who knows Say I’m focused on the wrong shit We just putting out the new dope Yeah yeah, oh lord, god willin’ Yeah yeah, oh lord, god willin’ [Verse 1] God willin’ these drugs in me Lines looking like white Jesus Catching bras read more »