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Two-9 – By The Hour (feat. Fatkidsbrotha, Key!, Jace & Curtis Williams)

[Verse 1 – LightSkinMac11] Said it’s pits on the fence in case I catch a ‘fense And I’m never on the porch case them boys are broke And them boys talking down hanging by a rope Baby blue pit had to show ’em the ropes Never s**t where you eat, baby boy you gotta know read more »

Chief Keef – Moonboots (Bonus Track) (Two Zero One Seven Deluxe Album)

[Hook] All a young nigga know is finesse Before you come to me, you better get a check Ride down [?] road, that’s windows flex Hopped out on em looking like a check $6,000 bag pack with some Louis boots All he do is talk, all we do is shoot All I do is pull read more »

Injury Reserve – Oh Shit!!! (Floss Album)

[Hook: Ritchie With a T] Oh Shit! They Said "Man we want some more hits Man this sound like some shit from ’06 What that sound like man that’s some cold shit, cold shit" I said Oh shit! Aaaw, so you want some more hits? This ain’t sound like some shit from ’06 Fuck what read more »

Game – True Colors / It’s On (1992 Album) letras

Part 1 – True Colors [Intro] This ain’t nothin’ nigga. All this gang bangin’ shit? It ain’t nothin’ homie, it ain’t nothin’. I’d give it up, I’m in this shit for a purpose man. I got a reason dude to get up out of this shit nigga. All that shit ain’t nothin’ homie. Ask yourself read more »