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10 Tips Before You Domain Name

One of the most important decisions in establishing an online presence is choosing a domain name. The right domain name for your website is important, for both your target audience and search engines. Ignore the trends and fads of the day and choose a name that makes sense for your business or subject matter now read more »

Aidonia Dropping His Debut Album Early Next Year

Aidonia is currently locked down in the studio working on his debut album, due early next year. In 2015, the dancehall hit maker released his “Project Sweat” EP which did very well locally and overseas. But despite being in the business for roughly a decade, we’ve yet to see a full album from Aidonia. That read more »

Aidonia Hits Mainstream British Market Now Turns To Africa

Enjoying arguably the best year of his career, dancehall star Aidonia appears to be on a resolute path to conquer new terrains amid broadening his musical horizon. Back from a three-week stint in Europe where he connected with new and existing fans while reaffirming his brand. The 4th Genna boss has now turned his attention read more »

Bugle Ends Tour On A High Note & Premiers New Video

Three months after embarking on a tour of Europe, Japan and the United Kingdom, Reggae ambassador Bugle is happy to finally be back on home soil. The singer has been on the road since the end of May promoting his sophomore album ‘Be Yourself’ across the expanse of the continents. Bugle concedes that the tour, read more »

Watch Aidonia Performing Vybz Kartel’s “Clarks” In Italy

Aidonia is still repping for Vybz Kartel even though he has his own movement in dancehall at the moment. The 4thGenna deejay is currently in Europe on tour and while performing in Italy last weekend he decided to pay homage to Vybz Kartel. Around midway his performance, the JOP deejay paused to perform a piece read more »

Aidonia and 4thGenna Kicks Off European Tour

Fresh off a hugely successful performance at Reggae Sumfest and recent shows in the U.S., Aidonia has now turned his attention to Europe. Aidonia announced the upcoming tour last week before departing Jamaica with his 4thGenna members. He will be performing at some major events in Europe like Reggae Geel Festival in Belgium, Rototom Sunsplash read more »

Musicals – Chess – The Story Of Chess lyrics

The Arbiter: Each game of chess Means there’s one less Variation left to be played. Each day got through Means one or two Less mistakes remain to be made. Soloists 1 & 2: Not much is known Of early days of chess Beyond a fairly vague report– Soloist 3: That fifteen hundred years ago Two read more »

David Brent – Slough lyrics

More convenient that a Tesco express Close to Windsor but the properties less Keeps the businesses of Britain great It’s got Europe’s biggest trading estate It doesn’t matter where you’re from You wanna work? Then come along The station’s just got a new floor And the motorway runs by your door And you know just read more »

Nines – These Keys (feat. Berner) (One Foot Out Album)

[Chorus: Nines] How can I give this all up This is all I wanted to be This music money isn’t enough I just can’t get caught with these keys With these keys I just can’t get caught with these keys With these keys, with these keys [Verse 1: Nines] Ask my nigga Nunu how we read more »

L2B – The Journey lyrics

[Hook] The world keeps turning, I’m just holding on, Hold on.. This life’s a journey that keeps going on, Hold on.. [Verse 1] I got a lyrical addiction, I’m a punchline fiend, Even in my dreams, I come up with rhyme schemes, I try to be calm, but my mind is like a mob scene read more »

Yung Lean – Cashin (feat. Adamn Killa) (Frost God Album)

[Hook] Cashin We be braggin My pants be sagging I’m getting stacks I be cashin I hit the mall Yes I ball Shawty call Cashin We be braggin My pants be sagging I’m getting stacks I be cashin I hit the mall Yes I ball Shawty call [Verse 1: Adamn Killa] Bitch I’m out in read more »

Kano – Dun Know The Myspace Lyrics

It’s K-A, check, check, check it out [Verse 1] Listen, yeah, yeah, you dun know the Myspace I’m a vet MC niggas can’t violate I’m two albums deep already And how ever many singles under my name Yeah, yeah, you dun know the my K Fire for no reason, I’m nice Can’t stop me like read more »

Skull And Bones – Zero Point Energy lyrics

[Verse] There is a kind of energy called zero point Max Planck in Germany conceived it in nineteen eleven By Quantum Mechanics it was foreseen and validated It holds the key of antigravity and limitless energy [Bridge] The Military Industrial Complex would do anything to conceal it Assassination, wars, depose governments to hide it from read more »

The Stranglers – North Winds Blowing lyrics

I saw an orange robe burning I saw a youth on fire I saw metal machines that were turning on A generation that hadn’t yet tired I heard of two generations that were Being murdered In a Europe that was shrouded in black I witnessed the birth pains of new nations When the chosen people read more »