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88rising – JAPAN 88 Lyrics

[Intro: Famous Dex] You know what I’m sayin’ I just- that’s just how I like to do it, know what I’m sayin’ (Dexter) My real name is Dexter, haha I got a lot of more diamonds too I just got new diamonds by the way Uh, woah Dexter, huh Uh, yeah, uh what Baby girl, read more »

Speak – Famous Dex lyrics

Lyrics Famous Dex – Speak Speak, a brand new hot rap song by Famous Dex. Famous Dex lyrics Video Famous DEX

Dan the man – Famous Dex lyrics

Lyrics Famous Dex – Dan the man DJ what Dexter ouu, f*ck your hah Diamonds dancing like club tho Huh f*cking b*tches, know what I’m saying Dexter ou what yeah ah what.(dan the man) AP diamonds dancing all up on my wrist Blew your b*tch a kiss thats your b*tch she on my d*ck. Got read more »

Problem child – Famous Dex lyrics

Lyrics Famous Dex – Problem child Problem child Problem chiiild You don’t want a problem chiiild. Give me money now and and you what else I’m talking ’bout. She all love me now ’cause the nigger’s gettin’ money now. Problem chiiild Problem chiiild You don’t want a problem child. Versuri-lyrics.info Give me money now and read more »

Bubble gum – Famous Dex lyrics

Lyrics Famous Dex – Bubble gum Where you get that chain from No damn is so fool, That chain looks like bubble gum. Versuri-lyrics.info .. got me oneee. Famous Dex lyrics Video gum

Hot like a balloon – Famoux Dex lyrics

Lyrics Famous Dex – Hot like a balloon ‘member they said I won’t make it I get that money, can’t take it Most of these b*tches be basic .. be fakin I pop a pill and I go to the moon Maybe gon’ give me some room She wanna get a mushroom Lookin so hot read more »

Famous Dex Cry and Rant About XXL Editor Calls Her A “Fat B**ch”

Famous Dex first cried and then he went on a rant disrespecting XXL editor Vanessa Satten after she revealed why the magazine snubbed him from the Freshman Class of 2017. Speaking with The Breakfast Club, Vanessa Satten explains that XXL took the decision to exclude Famous Dex from the Freshman Class of 2017 cover over read more »

Famous Dex Snubbed By XXL Freshman Over Women Assault Case Says Chief

Famous Dex is perhaps the biggest XXL Freshman Class of 2017 snub and now we are learning that it’s because of him assaulting a female on video. In September of last year, a video went viral online showing rapper Dexter beating up a female who turned out to be his now ex-girlfriend. He was also read more »

Hip Hop Fans Angry Over 2017 XXL Freshman Class

Hip hop fans are hell a mad about the 2017 XXL Freshman Class. XXL has released their highly anticipated Freshman Class of 2017 and it seems rap fans on Twitter are not pleased. But then again I doubt that there was ever a year when the Freshman class was release and fans weren’t angry. This read more »

In my coupe – Rich the Kid feat. Famous Dex lyrics

Lyrics Rich the Kid – In my coupe I just pulled up in my coupe I might just f*ck on your boo Look at my hunnids they blue, ooh I f*cked your b*tch after school Dive in the b*tch like a pool Look at my chains not too cool Now she say she fallin’ in read more »

No reason – Famous Dex Lyrics

Lyrics Famous Dex – No reason Dexter, Dexter 30K right on my wrist, 30K right on my wrist Know what I’m saying, wave bros sh*t, ya dig Dexter, wait look huhhh.(no reason) Look at my watch can you see a new freezer I turn your b*tch to a eater, huh b*tch I be fly like read more »

God damn – Famous Dex lyrics

Lyrics Famous Dex – God damn Lotta motherf*ckas hatin’ Ballin’ mama said she proud of me Whole gang gon’ ride for me Walkin’ ’round with a knot Can’t trust your b*tch she a thot Spend a whole lot on a watch Flexin’ hard now they want me to stop She in the coupe with no read more »

Break her off – Famous Dex feat. 12tildee lyrics

Lyrics Famous Dex – Break her off Girl put your hands on your knees Like you done run out of breath Climb down that pole Lil’ mama don’t need no help She f*ckin’ with me ‘cuz she know that I’m breaking her off (I’m breaking her off) Broke nigga throwin’ no cash, you runnin’ your read more »

So mad – Famous Dex feat. Rich the Kid lyrics

Lyrics Famous Dex – So mad Dexter, Dexter Dexter, Dexter, Dexter .. me that bro, I mean No, f*ck it Come here lil b*tch sis Wait, lil boy why you so mad? Lil boy, why do you hate? I get that money, I’m straight I been kinda good too Like I don’t care about a read more »