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Fetty Wap – Westin Lyrics

[Intro] Mhm, mhmm Yeah, nigga break it down, nigga break it down Nigga break it down, nigga break it down Mhmm, yuhh [Verse ] Money stay around, I don’t wanna leave Always stay ’round, I don’t ever leave, yeah Pull up to the town, I got what you need(skrt skrt) Owe it by the pound, read more »

Fetty Wap Arrested For DUI and Drag Racing

Tweet Share Fetty Wap found himself behind bars early this morning for DUI and drag racing in New York City. Law enforcement reported that the Patterson rapper was caught racing another driver at very high speed at around 1 AM on Friday morning, TMZ reported. After pulling him over in his Mercedes-Benz, cops say they read more »

High thoughts – Fetty Wap lyrics

Lyrics Fetty Wap – High thoughts Shawty says she dyin’ to take a trip Shawty says she dyin’ to make a flip Smoke twenty-eight grounds on my zip And this perky got me thinking I’m the sh*t Talking to the shawty like this Baby is you’re gonna let me hit Baby is rolling up to read more »

Text ur number – Dj Envy feat. Fetty Wap lyrics

Lyrics Dj Envy – Text ur number Wouldn’t ever think that I would feel this rich, ayy In the trap, I keep on buildin’ with them bricks, ayy Zoo Gang supply my shooters with extra clips, ayy And if them niggas acting out, everybody get hit, ayy She ride like a Ducati, her body like read more »


[VERSE I: $LICK $LOTH] Eyes stay bloodshot Both on Fetty Wap Let them roll back while them drugs do their job Same motherfuckers thinking that they still hot Be the same motherfuckers I can’t see at the top 6 double 6 til my crucifix Diagnosed a lunatic Blood on me no need to rinse Been read more »

Free Beat: DJ Envy – Text Ur Number Instrumental ft Fetty Wap

Free Beat: DJ Envy – Text Ur Number Instrumental ft Fetty Wap download below musiclyricszone.com/free-beat-dj-envy-text-ur-number-instrumental-ft-fetty-wap/ Search more about his latest inside the box Looking for more update about this? type in the search box READ  Free Beat: Sean Price – Ape in His Apex Instrumental Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on Google+

DJ Envy – Text Ur Number Lyrics ft Fetty Wap

DJ Envy – Text Ur Number Lyrics ft Fetty Wap DJ ENVY takes the leap and drops the first single off of his upcoming album Just A Kid From Queens. Featuring New Jersey’s Fetty Wap and DJ Sliink, DJ ENVY’s latest single is a club banger.   READ  RiFF RAFF – Work for It Lyrics Envy returns read more »

Listen: Fetty Wap, Fabolous & Red Cafe Song “Jackpot”

Fetty Wap, Fabolous, and Red Cafe hit the “Jackpot.” The trio link up for a new street banger. This marks the second single released by Fetty Wap in one day. On Thursday, another new single “Text Ur Phone” was released by DJ Envy that also features the New Jersey emcee. By the end of the read more »

Fetty Wap Suing Assistant For Stealing $250,000 From Him

Fetty Wap is planning to sue an assistant that allegedly stole $250,000 from him. Fetty Wap is filthy rich but that doesn’t mean that he won’t miss a quarter of a million dollars, after all he has kids and baby mamas to support. TMZ reported that the Patterson rapper fired his assistant Shawna Morgan on read more »

T.I. – Writer (feat. Translee & B.o.B)

[Verse 1: Translee] My Ambitionz as a writer I just wanna answer what y’all are asking Pretty boys hang with the ball cappin’ Keep it up I should be hanging with the Kardashians My Ambitionz as a writer Just like Vird has Weezy, Jay had Yeezy Pac had Afeni, Club had Meezy Sremm’ had Meechie, read more »

Pull up wit a stick freestyle – Fetty Wap lyrics

Lyrics Fetty Wap – Pull up wit a stick freestyle I’ma pull up wit a stick, yeah With the stick, yeah Hatin’ on me you a b*tch, yeah You a b*tch, yeah You not really with the shits, yeah With the shits, yeah I be boolin’ with my dawgs just like Micheal Vick We ain’t read more »

Xo freestyle – Fetty Wap lyrics

Lyrics Fetty Wap – Xo freestyle Shorty said she miss me but she lie, but she lie Something about me leaving made her cry, made her cry She don’t want another nigga in her life, in her life, yeah I can’t believe it yeah, I can’t believe it no Baby imma tell you when we read more »

Fifth Harmony – All In My Head (Flex) (feat. Fetty Wap) letras

Flex, time to impress Come and climb in my bed Don’t be shy, do your thing It’s all in my head I wanna flex with you baby I’m tryna chill with you Throwing bills at you While we flexing boo, baby Show me some different moves And I love your groove ‘Cause it’s meant to read more »

DJ SpinKing – Show You (feat. Fetty Wap & Monty) (For The Culture Mixtape) letras

[Hook: Fetty Wap] I ain’t giving no lectures, I want you in my section Put you in my direction, yeah baby Show you love and affection, put your man on the ex list 20 thou on your necklace, yeah baby Show you why I’m the best miss, I ain’t nothing to mess with I just read more »