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Tyler, The Creator – GELATO Lyrics

[Intro: Tyler, The Creator + Jaquees] Let’s hope they don’t take this one down man Ooh, mm, mhmm Yeah OG Parker [Verse: Tyler, The Creator + Jaquees] What’s the deal-o? Ain’t ‘gon lie, I’m feelin’ you You got me on tippy toe, So who’s Oliv, who’s Elio? It’s don’t matter, negative niggas gon’ say, this read more »

Tyler, The Creator – Tamale (feat. Tallulah) lyrics

[Verse 1: Tyler, the Creator] They say I’ve calmed down since the last album Well, lick my dick, how does that sound? (Umm) Smell my gooch, you could kiss my buns And I don’t give a shit, bend my rectum Somebody said bands make her dance You think you’re getting cash, no bitch, you’re dumb read more »

Tyler, The Creator – 2SEATER (feat. Aaron Shaw, Samantha Nelson & Austin Feinstein of Slow Hollows) lyrics

[Hook] We can speed in my 2 seater Girl I got a 2 seater Speed in my 2 seater In my 2 seater [Verse 1] I’m about to go real fast and it’s easy to stop You see my shit isn’t stock I used to piss in a pot and now I piss on the read more »

Hodgy Beats – I’ll Be Good

[Intro Hook] Part of the process Mistakes are a part of the process Mistakes are part of the process And if you want what you need What you need is just an object Mistakes are part of the process (A part of the process) Mistakes are part of the process, heard me Mistakes are a read more »

Common – Made In Black America (feat. Ab-Soul)

[Verse 1: Common] Made in Black America, metaphor for a predator Been to the Mediterranean, on my papers like a editor I flow like a reservoir, dog Rap Tarantino, off the chain like Django Still let the chain glow, where they bang known And niggas get shot like camera angles In rap videos put up read more »