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Rob $tone – Party at My House Lyrics

[Intro] Hey, hey Renegade, renegade, renegade Hey, damn [Chorus] I told my boy to bring the packs in, ay You know tonight we goin’ way up (goin’ way up), ay I told your ho to bring a bad friend (bring a bad friend), ay Six in the morning, goin’ way up (goin’ way up), ay read more »

Tommy Lee Sparta Blames Vybz Kartel For Career Setbacks

Tommy Lee Sparta is blaming his travel woes squarely at the feet of Vybz Kartel. Gazanation fans will likely go HAM on Tommy Lee Sparta for making this statement, but some industry attorneys are saying that he is absolutely right about his assessment. Sparta was one of Vybz Kartel’s most loyal proteges before he was read more »

P Money – Panasonicl

[Hook] All I can do is laugh at man MCs want me to go HAM Until I eff one up on the tarmac, fam Man does road, man do shows I’ll dash 32 bars at man Big enterprise, I’m Star Trek, man I’ll be real cause I can’t act, fam [Verse 1: P Money] Sonic read more »

B.o.B – Earthquake (Elements Album)

[B.o.B] Born into competition With a feeling that something’s missing Bred in a corn addiction With a synthetic composition On the brink of a civil war Or the forming of one religion? I wonder what came first Dinosaurs or Darwinism? Pledging allegiance to a flag Since elementary Writing curses in cursive and casting spells Stung read more »

Taylor Gang – Gang Gang

[Hook: Wiz Khalifa] Gang gang, gang gang Gang gang, gang gang Gang gang, gang gang Gang gang, gang gang [Verse 1: Chevy Woods] I’m rollin’ up that motivation They don’t never give me no credit No alerts turned on my phone So I ain’t get your message Got these women all in they feelings Over read more »