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Wu-Tang Clan – Don’t Stop Lyrics

(Chorus – Masta Killa) Don’t stop, never stop, can’t stop Don’t stop, never stop, can’t stop (Verse 1 – Raekwon) Cash rules everything around me, I’m fresh out the slum Rich bum ni**a, now I live dumb Talking bout that cream leaning in the tower Got condos in the jungle The mind stay rich but read more »

Jidenna – BET Cypher Lyrics

[Intro: Jidenna] Primo, you ready to set it off? [Verse 1: Aaron Cooks] Yellow lives matters Yellow God, nappy head trapper Mack daddy, daddy macker Criss cross with the wrist, I whip backwards I walk on water in black Louie Scoop some up in a pot and get back to it The light skin Makavelli read more »