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Future – RACKS BLUE Lyrics

[Intro] Zaytoven! [Chorus] I got the right ice I can’t do wrong I got the black A.P The Patek a two-tone I done went colorblind I’ma get my shine on, yeah Know how I’m feelin’ The racks blue [Hook] What I’m supposed to do when these racks blue? Ooh, ooh What I’m supposed to do read more »

Big Flip Papi – Money On The Way lyrics

Verse 1 It’s Okayi got money on the way Chef it bag it up, yeah we hungry round the way We do it real right, round the clock all night That hustles in my blood, can’t get it out my life G5 whips the color of rose gold He fly switch, the phantom to the read more »

Gucci Mane – Members Only

[Intro] Honorable C-Note Wizop [Verse 1] Fresher than a bitch Hit the mall for the fit And we fucking standing up I’m standing tall in you bitch I send them bullets at you nigga I jump wall at you clique When them shooters get them (pew pew) Niggas calling the quits Niggas running ducking falling read more »

Talib Kweli – Heads Up Eyes Open (feat. Rick Ross)

[Intro: Talib Kweli] Take it to the top Yea, that’s where we at with it Take it to the top Just cause you are a character Don’t mean you have character We taking stock right now You ready? Let’s go [Verse 1: Talib Kweli] A wise man know what he know and what he doesn’t read more »

Lil Durk – Goofy (feat. Jeezy & Future)

[Intro: Future] Southside Yeah, Super Yeah, what we doin’? [Chorus: Future] Only the family involved I don’t fuck with none of these goofy, goofy, goofies I don’t fuck with none of you goofy, goofies Only the family involved I don’t fuck with none of these goofy, goofy, goofies I don’t fuck with none of you read more »

Masterboy – Everybody Needs Somebody Lyrics

MASTERBOYEverybody Needs Somebody Lyrics Refrain: Hey, hey, heyyeah, everybody needs somebody Hey, hey, heyyeah, everybody needs somebody everybody, everywhere, everybody everybody needs somebody Rap 1 No problem at all with human races come on come on just listen to the bass Shake your body and move your bud over the top right from the start read more »

Aidonia and 4thGenna Kicks Off European Tour

Fresh off a hugely successful performance at Reggae Sumfest and recent shows in the U.S., Aidonia has now turned his attention to Europe. Aidonia announced the upcoming tour last week before departing Jamaica with his 4thGenna members. He will be performing at some major events in Europe like Reggae Geel Festival in Belgium, Rototom Sunsplash read more »

Action Bronson – Randy The Musical Lyrics

ACTION BRONSONRandy The Musical Lyrics [Verse 1:] You can find us in the garden like Spike on any night Encrusted in some ice that look bluish in the light Spanish on the mistress, Jewish on the wife Shootin’ like a piston, aim for proper distance Live from London, number crunchin’ Drivin’ gloves with some Asian read more »


Lyrics to ‘Paid’ by Cousin Stizz: –Intro– Aye, remember those, yeah –Chorus– One day I’mma grow up paid Hills and a pool, we can work where I stay Swipe swipe swipe, bling bling I done been down, I remember those days (aye) [?] I think [?] Ford, switchin’ lanes Rather soon than late Bet we read more »

We Are Assassins Lyrics – Dan Bull

Let me tell the story of Ezio Auditore Adolescent, rowdy, brawny Exceptionally hella horny He’s the sort of lout That’s surely doubtless purely out for glory But something out of the ordinary Happened to make his tale more gory When a man’s family is taken away Anguish and hatred can make him change his aims read more »

Famous Dex – Play it Cool Lyrics

GSF [Verse 1: Flexx Lugar] Ay, babe my guns from Russia Fucking yo bitch she love it Come to my crib for comfort Taking a trip out the country Flying her way out to Sicily Buying her Gucci in Italy Bitch too tight it’s not fitting me I don’t know what you been dealing with read more »

Binary Star – KoBe (Waterworld 3 Album)

Wait til I exhale my flows ability The Dragon the fire the gold and shimmery I burn with desire in cold assemblies My voice thru da wire control the energy MC OG Chicago and Sicily Rap everywhere see me Rome like Italy Microphones gets blown in close proximity I don’t stop kickin’ these goals, without read more »

Binary Star – Never Say Good Binary (Waterworld 3 Album)

Don’t O /owe N E / any Man I hit’em with A/Aye R (are) We gonna show M (them) Y (why)? We kill’em away With lyrical spray Political world we live in today Lights, Camera, Cinema play And police say we shouldn’t complain Cuz [email protected]/* */ wit [email protected]/* */ would did us the same Blow read more »

Musicals – Chess – Chess Game #1 lyrics

Walter: [Spoken] There has been a sensational development in the Very first fame of the World Chess Championship Here is the snow-covered Tyrolean town of Merano, Italy. The board and pieces have been thrown to the ground In disgust by one or the other or both of the players. The world champion Freddie Trumper has read more »

Musicals – Chess – The Story Of Chess lyrics

The Arbiter: Each game of chess Means there’s one less Variation left to be played. Each day got through Means one or two Less mistakes remain to be made. Soloists 1 & 2: Not much is known Of early days of chess Beyond a fairly vague report– Soloist 3: That fifteen hundred years ago Two read more »

Young Dolph – I Pray For My Enemies (Bulletproof Album)

[Intro] Hail Father, which are in Heaven Real street niggas appreciate each and every blessin’ Give us this day our daily bread One time for all the homies in the feds Forgive those that hate, for did they not know that [?] was a disease Yeah Zaytoven It’s Dolph [Chorus] I’m drankin’ lean and she read more »