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Bend the knee – Netnobody – KSI diss track lyrics

Lyrics Netnobody – Bend the knee Took an L, but turned my losses into learning In the end I’m earning, sub count f*cking turning Feel like Jake Paul with the Team 10 Got KSI f*cking swinging, leaking the unfinished b*tch feeling threatened, diss tracks have no end Diss tracks are passion, diss tracks are true read more »

We do it best – Tanner Fox feat. Dylan Matthew lyrics

Lyrics Tanner Fox – We do it best Lil Fox, big flow That rover, it go slow Skirt off in the racecar, slow mo I don’t wanna see your face no more Yeah, I’m back and I’m better Don’t hit my line, just send me a letter Yeah she switch flow like a lake If read more »