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Lil Wop – Lost My Mind

[INTRO] Lemonade whippin wit’ a lemonade bitch I feel like Gucci Mane I make maneuvers through the 6 I’m a loyal trapper, keep my scale and keep my stick Two bitches gettin guap, I ain’t worried ’bout a bitch Burr, like Gucci Mane got it tatted on my face AK-47, I can’t tote it on read more »

Same thang – Migos feat. John Wic lyrics

Lyrics Migos – Same thang All my niggas workin’ Trappin’, cappin, servin’ Ballin’, James Worthy Geekin’ off a perky Up early, trappin’ real early Cup real dirty, whatcha workin’? Migos having birdies I don’t know ya, I ain’t servin’ Got your main dame slurpin’ All my damn chains bling Cookie kickin’, Liu Kang Bruce Lee, read more »

Travi$ Scott – Oh Me Oh My (feat. Migos & G4Shi) (Days Before Birds Album) letras

[Intro: G4SHI] Yeah, shutdown Oh, Shutdown [Hook: G4SHI] Oh me, oh me oh my I just shut the club down, I ain’t even try See them rollin’ with me, yeah they ride or die Test us and I guarantee we let it fly Oh me, oh me oh my I just shut the club down, read more »

Yung Simmie – Shoot Da 3 (feat. Denzel Curry) letras

[Hook] I’m a different breed Got your bitch on me Feeling like I’m Curry, balling on your team How you do this shit? They keep asking me Bitch I came to win, so I shoot the three All my chains on feel like Mr. T I ain’t got no limits feel like Master P I read more »

21 Savage – Deserve (Slaughter King Mixtape) letras

[Hook] Man I feel like I deserve this shit I bought a Bentley because I deserve a new whip She cheated on me so yes I deserve a new bitch These niggas wasn’t with me, they didn’t have me grind for this shit I buy some chains for the bro’s, I don’t got shit for read more »