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Eric Butterfield – Wake Me In Paris lyrics

I’ll meet you anywhere you say Wake me in Paris or Odessa or L. A. Say the word I’m on that plane I can’t put out this fire In the heat of July, Bastille Day We vowed to meet again on the Champs Elysées Meet me at the old cafe I’ll be there to hear read more »

Radiohead – Anyone Can Play Guitar

Destiny, destiny protect me from the world Destiny, hold my hand protect me from the world Here we are with our running and confusion And I don’t see no confusion anywhere And if the world does turn And if London burns I’ll be standing on the beach with my guitar I wanna be in a read more »

Lana Del Rey – Gods And Monsters (Lyric Video)

In the land of gods and monsters I was an angel Living in the garden of evil Screwed up scared Doing anything that I needed Shining like a fiery beacon You got that medicine I need Fame liquor love Give it to me slowly I don’t really want to know What’s good for me Me read more »

Tech N9ne – Wifi (WeeFee) (The Storm Deluxe Edition Album)

[Intro:] Yeah *laughter* Go right up [Verse 1] Connect, ain’t nobody but Tech I been dope since I put raps on BASF cassette Since then my pen been at war like Montagues and Capulets A menacing strap you get, been winning in rap who’s next To get permanent power polluted, paper protruded Punani praise on read more »