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Julia Michaels – Icarus lyrics

Below are the complete “Icarus” lyrics by Julia Michaels displayed. These lyrics were added 12 hours ago. Icarus lyrics I was reaching for heaven It became my obsession But I guess it was more like a curse and less like a blessin’ And It was perfect on paper But there weren’t any layers And how read more »

Maroon 5 – Help Me Out lyrics

Maroon 5 with “Help Me Out” ft. Julia Michaels. Help Me Out lyrics [Verse 1: Adam Levine] I’m getting kinda over this I need a metamorphosis Are you as weak as me? If not, do you want to be? [Pre-Chorus: Adam Levine] I need some type of [?] saving I need some [?] of complicated read more »

Worst in me – Julia Michaels lyrics

Lyrics Julia Michaels – WOrst in me Yeah Remember when I used to be happy for you? You could go out with your female friends and I’d be totally fine Remember when you used to be happy for me? You celebrate all my success without crossing a line.(worst in me) Now, it’s like we’re scared read more »