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French Montana – Formula (feat. Alkaline) (Jungle Rules Album)

[Chorus] Dem nae waan we yah We cut and come back with the formula Have everybody speechless like Michael Jackson’s song, enuh When we a work, dem did a laugh, enuh Now blood inna mi eye, vengeance inna mi heart, enuh Oh, we find the formula Fi make the money fi we family, yeah Yeah read more »

Sep 20, Jahmiel Next Level Lyrics

Hmmm hummmm Dem just wah deh pon you level yowTing haffi up anyweh we goLee Milla, dog man wiser than beforeDem wah see me stuck, dem eyes deh pon me tour Yeah, jump out inna me mercedezMi first lady about fi have me first babyMan a go become a father nowMan haffi think smarter nowMan read more »