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6ix9ine – Inferno Lyrics

[Verse 1] Young nigga stay wildin’ Scum niggas on violent BX, Long Island [?] sirens Ride ’round with them thangs out Niggas don’t wanna bang out Y’all ain’t got that gun talk Y’all ain’t got that gun talk Move ki on weekend Move ki on weekend Y’all ain’t gettin’ no money man Y’all ain’t gettin’ read more »

Curren$y – Life I Chose (feat. J. Townsend) (Pilot Talk Trilogy Album)

[Verse 1] Botched hits, failed attempts Though we never died, suckers better hide Or regret they tried Fumbled, 4th and one On the goal line, I’m ‘fin to take it back that 99 96 flow shift, Impala with the cherry wine Bitches trying to sip, don’t get too drunk to ride Might call up on read more »