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DJ Mustard – Low Low (feat. Nipsey Hussle, TeeCee & RJ) lyrics

[Verse 1 – Nipsey Hu$$le:] If it ain’t a Chevy, don’t raise it up And, if it ain’t the kush, don’t blaze it up I’m sticking to the script while niggas changing up They beats sounding like the homie, now they fake as fuck But look, I was in the fo’ with my crew tryna read more »

Nipsey Hussle Thrown Behind Bars For Illegal Parking

Nipsey Hussle found himself behind bars on Monday night for a few hours all because of his driving habits. The first thing that happened that drew police officers to the rapper was that his car was illegally parked in a handicap spot. The patrolling officer ran his plates and found a slew of outstanding warrants read more »

The Game – Same Hoes (Sam Californie) Lyrics

[Hook: Ty Dolla $ign] In the club wit yo main thang Every week it’s the same game Call that bitch a crew hop Got me feelin like 2Pac I see the same hoes, oh oh I see the same hoes, yeah yeah I see the same hoes, oh oh I see the same hoes, yeah read more »