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Alex Vargas – Higher Love

[Verse 1] Have we OD’d on a good thing? Have we run against the wall? Is the devil in the routine? And we don’t even know Wanna be like in the movies Where they run wild and free But the devil in routine won’t let us be [Pre-Chorus] Sometimes we make it Only to break read more »

Joe Budden – Freestyle

Intro: Styles P (Talking) Real MC shit you know Jedi’s on deck pay attention Fuck y’all niggas talkin’ bout? Verse 1: Styles P Lyrical last dragon, acid saliva Guns are the bars yeah the casket provide it You can ask a survior, you can ask a supplier He’s hot headed, he’ll leave you as masses read more »

Playboi Carti – Carolina Blue Lyrics

[Verse: Playboi Carti] No ventilation, hoes stimulating on this novacane I’m making Still searching for the one we in the Martrix Words from the sea ? Never gave a fuck about the ? Muscle arms, muscle arms cooking up with baking soda God never let my enemies get between insanity and Hova Turning clouds into read more »