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Tone It Down

Lyrics to ‘Tone It Down’ by Gucci Mane: –Intro– Its Gucci Droptop Right now Wizop Hitmaka! –Pre-Chorus: Chris Brown– VVS the wrist Might steal your bitch VVS the wrist Might steal your bitch –Chorus: Chris Brown– Tone that shit down Weak nigga, ball like this Tone that shit down (oh why) Tell me who can read more »

Come Back

Lyrics to ‘Come Back’ by Ray J: –Verse 1: Ray J– Girl, you should stay in tonight (oh, woah) We don’t gotta go out ‘Cause I got something planned special, for you But baby, you could keep your heels on and that lingerie I’m loving your panties, in my bed, keep it romantic (mm, oh) read more »