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Soulja Boy – Front Door Back Door Lyrics

[Verse] Young Draco nigga, you know I’m real nigga I slide in that Bentley, they think I’m drug dealer Jump out the top and my young nigga flip the switch Quarter million in one day just to be specific Fuck with Draco nigga I empty the clip Had to go run it up, trappin’ through read more »

Carrie Underwood – Southbound Lyrics

[Verse 1] We got a pontoon boat with a Yamaha People dressed like they’re in Panama Small town, spring break Every weekend ’round this place And there’s a bunch of boys tryna catch the eyes Of all the pretty girls that are walking by And those redneck margaritas are two for one at that old read more »

Saba – How You Live (feat. MFnMelo)

[Verse 1- Saba] Guess who is back in effect I push this rap to the next Level the lap I get check Catch a body on [?] like a cannibal neck I’m from where Hannibal at They try to silence me You cannot [?] That’s their plan of attack But I speak and then leave read more »

Salvatore Adamo – Matilda Lyrics

SALVATORE ADAMOMatilda Lyrics Matilda mi aspetta a Panama sul veliero bianco di papà A me, l’amore e il cha cha cha Lo incontrata qualche tempo fa in un locale per celebrità Cosi, per casualità Io ero seduto al bar con lo smoking bianco Lei si scelse lo sgabello al mio fianco Ed io da gran read more »