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Rich Homie Quan – Word Of Mouth

[Intro] Driveway full of cars, everything paid off House paid off, bitch paid off Feel me Nard, hahaha, my nigga Evan back, man! Aye Goonie! Rich Homie Baby! [Hook:] Hard top, windows down, we riding around, them pistols out Act stuck up cause I’m the shit, you know my ass they kissing now They ain’t read more »

Casanova – Stick And Move (Be Safe Tho Mixtape)

[Intro] You know what I’m bout to restore the feeling [Chorus] 100 pieces for the road Nah I ain’t fly nigga I drove You a pussy ’cause you told I can never get exposed I stick and move yeah I stick and move Take a niggas jewels that’s what hitters do Don’t make me black read more »

Boosie Badazz – No Loyalty Lyrics

[Intro: Lil Boosie] When you ain’t loyal it come back to haunt you for real Wish you was loyal now Turn me up, turn me up Wish you was loyal now [Hook: Lil Boosie] Girl you weren’t loyal to me Your girls, they told you, do you Girl you weren’t loyal to me Now you read more »