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Jesse McCartney – Wasted lyrics

The phone rings, I already know who’s calling But every time it’s after two It ain’t you, but the champagne talking Saying “Baby, when you coming through?” You like to call me when your high End of the party, I’m your guy [?] I do this every night And I don’t wanna come off [?] read more »

Vicki Lawrence – The Other Woman

[Verse 1:] I’m up early every Monday morning There’s some laundry to do I’m emptying out his pockets While the kids go off to school And then I see the letter And my heart just breaks in two It’s another woman’s writing Saying “Baby, I love you” Well 10 years of being married to him read more »

Usher – Missin U

I, mean, everybody want somebody that’s got confidence You know it’s in her attitude The way she walks, nice legs She’s gotta be beautiful, nice thin waste Fat ass, ooh And them soft little lips Little lips, little lips, little lips Little lips, little lips, little lips, little lips I wonder if your lips are read more »