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Chief Keef – Moonboots (Bonus Track) (Two Zero One Seven Deluxe Album)

[Hook] All a young nigga know is finesse Before you come to me, you better get a check Ride down [?] road, that’s windows flex Hopped out on em looking like a check $6,000 bag pack with some Louis boots All he do is talk, all we do is shoot All I do is pull read more »

Desiigner – Zombie Walk (feat. King Savage) letras

[Intro: Desiigner] Get out my way Fuck nigga talk, get the fuck out my face Chopper been loaded, the drum in our way Drum on the K [Verse 1: Desiigner] I’m not letting no nigga g-get in my way Fuck nigga talk, he get hit with the K The chopper been loaded, the drum on read more »

Famous Dex – Drugs In Me Lyrics

[Intro: Famous Dex] Uh yah Uh yah, uh yah Oh what? Now I be gone off the Lean, the pills The molly, and the Percs OHMANGOTDDAMN! [Hook: Famous Dex] I got the drugs in me I got the drugs in me I got the drugs in me I’m gone off pills and Hennessy I be read more »