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Dj Khaled – Pull A Caper Lyrics

DJ KHALEDPull A Caper Lyrics [DJ Khaled (Kodak Black):] We The Best Music! Another one DJ Khaled! (Glee!) [Kodak Black:] I’ma go get that Wraith Jumping out with your bae, I just wanna get this paper I’ma do, I’ma do, I’ma do what it takes I’ma go get that cake, I’ma go pull a caper read more »

Mavado – Triple Murda Lyrics

(Intro) Man have a bag a enemies suh when mi si dem mi fire first Pu**y nuh gi mi nuh chat man wi give dem the fireworks March out wid the K wi nuh care weh no guy a burst Him go buy a strap, wi should a buy a hearse (Chorus) Clips after clips, read more »