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Thor: Ragnarok May Be Marvel’s Funniest Movie Since Guardians of the Galaxy, According to Early Reviews

move Chris Hemsworth) is imprisoned on the planet Sakaar. Without his mighty hammer Mjolnir (or his long blond hair!), the crown prince of Asgard must save his home planet before Hela (Cate Blanchett), the goddess of death, can destroy it. But first, he must win a gladiatorial battle against a lost ally: The Hulk (Mark read more »

Futuristic – Futuristic or Die Lyrics

[Chorus (x7)] It’s Futuristic or die, nigga [Verse 1] Futuristic or die, no lie Nigga fuck with the gang or get hanged by your own tie Skydive with no parachute I dare a nigga or his crew to ever say he so fly Did it by myself, know why? Independent nigga with a really cold read more »