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T.I. and Tiny Leads Protest Of Houston’s Restaurant in Atlanta For Discrimination

TweetShare You can always count on T.I. to lend his voice for a cause and this time he himself was impacted. The Southern rap legend lead a protest against the famous Houston’s Restaurant in Atlanta over their alleged discriminatory practices against African Americans. The restaurant has been accused of racial discrimination on social media and read more »

Wendy Williams Claps Back At T.I. While Dissing Tiny

It didn’t take too long for Wendy Williams to clap back at T.I. for ripping her on Instagram this week and this feud could go to a whole new level. The Atlanta rapper ripped the talk show host this week when he posted a very unflattering photo of her along with some scathing remarks about read more »

T.I. Told Wendy Williams Nicely To Stop Trashing People Or Else

T.I. felt compelled to issue a long statement on Instagram asking Wendy Williams to stop trashing other people on Twitter when she look like (see photo below). The Atlanta trapper posted a not so flattering photo of the talk show host on Instagram with a lengthy statement in the caption. Wendy Williams is known to read more »

Watch Tiny Sings For T.I. and Heiress At Xscape Concert

T.I. and Tiny’s marriage maybe over but that doesn’t mean that they are done with each other, after all they have kids together. During her Xscape reunion concert in Detroit on Tuesday night, Tameka “Tiny” Kottle sings for her soon to be ex-husband T.I. and their baby girl Heiress while the other members of the read more »

Young Thug – Do It By Myself

[Hook : Young Thug] Do it by myself No, I don’t need no help Woah, woah, Balmains with a belt No, she can’t get inside my whip No, no [Verse 1 : Young Thug] Hand me that molly, pass me that molly I’m sneaking, I’m looking mischevious These bitches gon’ show me they ’bout it read more »

Young Dolph – Foreva (feat. T.I.)

[Intro] Hey who is that? Who is that right there? Hey whats up lil’ mama? [Verse 1: Young Dolph] She a good girl but she bad so I’m confused (damn) Fuck it, I’ma shoot my shot got nun ‘ to lose (fuck it) I said "what’s up my name is D" She said "nigga you read more »

Chris Brown – Dolce

They say, “Fuck you, where your friends at?” We say, “Fuck it, where the bands at?” We say, “Bitch you by the car? No” I tell the bitch I love the bottle Bitch you be busy, why you callin’? See that bitch is poppin’ bars now Pourin’ Dolce, Dolce yeah Why you playin’ round? Need read more »