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Busy Signal “Stay So” Lyrics

TweetShare (Intro) Let me tell you ’bout… Streets anywhere we go The dawgs dem serious Dawg dem no nervous, hoii Let me tell you ’bout… Mind me cold like an eskimo No boy can go ’round we Hey, anuh so the ting set, mi G (Verse 1) One phone call it take fi make some read more »

French Montana – Formula (feat. Alkaline) (Jungle Rules Album)

[Chorus] Dem nae waan we yah We cut and come back with the formula Have everybody speechless like Michael Jackson’s song, enuh When we a work, dem did a laugh, enuh Now blood inna mi eye, vengeance inna mi heart, enuh Oh, we find the formula Fi make the money fi we family, yeah Yeah read more »

Sep 22, Jahmiel Dear Frass Lyrics

Feel fi write a letter Bingi pass me the pen and paperAlriht Dear frassA my fault if me get drunk againDone me done search fi friendSay its a waste of time fi try change people Weh messed up from dem little bitforgive dem once and a dem same one wah fi kill you quickAnd yow read more »