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Lil Uzi Vert & Nicki Minaj – The Way Life Goes (Remix) Lyrics

Tweet Share (Bridge: Lil Uzi Vert and Nicki Minaj) That’s true, that’s right (Uzi) She’s sipping Moet, and yeah I swear it gets her wetter My Louboutins new, so my bottoms, they is redder No I’m not a rat but I’m all about my cheddar Just talked to your homie she said we should be read more »

Mozzy – Momma We Made It (feat. Jay Rock) (1 Up Top Ahk Album)

[Verse 1: Mozzy] Ay doe! This that momma we made it This that "I ain’t goin’ back to them cages, them people racist" They remind me of Satan, never gave ’em a statement Outta sight and outta mind, bitch sent a happy belated If you ain’t four fingaz, then how the fuck we related? Niggas read more »

Bobby Raps – Desensitized (Mark Album)

[Hook] They pull down their window, dumped at us and then I froze This the life I woke up and not the life that I chose I see through the fake and I pray that they get exposed I just copped a 40 I pray that they keep it cold! [Verse 1] Lay up in read more »

From First To Last – I Don’t Wanna Live In The Real World lyrics

[Verse 1] I wake up, turn on my TV, Never thought my shampoo could kill me. I walk outside, look up to the sky, So many chem-trails are passing by. [Chorus] I don’t wanna live in the real world, I don’t wanna live in the real world. Government mind control, MK Ultra, Blah, blah, blah, read more »

Ab-Soul – INvocation Lyrics

Say hip hop (hip hop) Say hip hop (hip hop) [Hook: Ab-Soul] A.L. Now I lay me down to sleep L.A. I pray the Lord my soul’s a G H, wait if I OD before I wake I pray I resurrect with a hangover on the third day Godbody Cuz He is and I am read more »