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Tupac Classic Hummer Back On Auction Here Is How You Can Get It

Tupac‘s classic Hummer is back on the auction market and here is how you can get your hands on it. Someone bought the 1996 Hummer in May of last year for $337,000 which was about three times the original asking price. The anonymous bidder from Ohio never came through with the dough so the truck read more »

50 Cent Says Tupac Biopic Is Trash Says Straight Outta Compton Way Better

50 Cent was on Instagram trashing Tupac Shakur‘s biopic All Eyez On Me. The highly anticipated movie hit theaters on Thursday night and the reviews haven’t been all that good. The G-Unit rapper says that he has seen the movie and is super disappointed and a lot of fans on social media have been echoing read more »

Keak Da Sneak – Hi-volume Lyrics

KEAK DA SNEAKHi-volume Lyrics [Keak Da Sneak] And you can catch me in Bent red artlidge, 2K3 Bentley Leader not a follower so don’t ask who sent me Paid for, no lease and you can’t rent me Still grinding worth grand Bobby and Whitney X pills keep you up all night Bottles of everything and read more »