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Horrible Histories – Transportation lyrics

[Intro] With imagination Inspiration Innovation And perspiration We revolutionised transportation [Verse 1] Stephenson’s the name and my steam engine’s the best you will find (It was the Rocket, it was called the Rocket) It pulled a train that carried passengers and was the first of its kind (Caused a commotion, doing the locomotion) Was best read more »

CARGO – Cargo ღ Nu Pot Trăi Fără Tine (I Can’t Live Without You)

Acea privire din ochii tai Dorinta fierbinte Incercand atat de tare Sa stingi focul Vechii iubiti devin Prieteni periculosi Am stiut ca o sa fie probleme Daca ne mai intalnim vreodata Dar iata-ne aici Nu vreau sa stiu Ce se petrece in viata ta Si nu vreau sa simt Felul in care ma simt in read more »

Derek Minor – Believe It (Reflection Album) letras

[Verse 1] Please pay attention, everybody better settle in Minor get to preaching on these tracks like a reverend Not like, some of the ones in the spotlight On private jets, better straighten up and fly right That treat the church like a brothel, they prostitute the truth How many people gotta die tonight before read more »

Motley Crue – Anarchy In The U.K. letras

Right now Oh I am an anti-Christ And I am an anarchist Don’t know what I want But I know how to get it I want to destroy your passion boy ‘Cause I, I want to be, anarchy In this fuckin’ city Anarchy for the USA It’s coming sometime, maybe I give a wrong time read more »

Susan Fuentes – Himayang Nahunlak lyrics

Verse I Ingun sa ge mino karon ki’ng kalag ko Daw nabilanggo intawon sa usa ka damgo Wala na masayod kung unsa ang angayng buhaton Handumon ka ba? Kasilagan ka ba? O kalimtan na lang Verse II Ingun sa ge haya karon ang akung galamhan Wala nay umoy bisan dyutay kining balati-an Gani sa luha read more »

Jerrod – Ain’t No Way

No justice no peace Turn around Nd put ya hands up Cuffs now, ask later, reprimand us If you wanna do what’s right gone on stand up No guns, no violence, put yo hands up Witness on the news another black life dead They tell you turn around, BOW shoot you instead Call for backup read more »

El Silencio De IGOR – Pequeña Muñeca De Trapo lyrics

¿Qué le va a pasar a la muñeca de trapo? ¿Quién le va a coser sus zapatitos de harapos? Un castillo de dulces y confites arma, Sobre el arenero triste de una plaza. Con cuidado las colillas de cigarro aparta Y un sorbete usa de banderín. Le hicieron ver la vida de golpe, Y por read more »