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Champion – Riles lyrics

Lyrics Riles – Champion I did it for the challenge, always close to tumblin’ I can’t believe I’m almost done man what a battle and The worst is yet to come as I did deviated plans He’s knocking in the studio since #46 I’m late It’s bigger than the music, weirder than the Piri Reis read more »

NSFW – Riles lyrics

Riles – NSFW lyrics “Hahahahaa I told you I told you the struggle is only starting Believe me..”(nsfw) Weed in my lungs Weed on my mind Why the f*ck am I smoking like a Rastafarian? Buddin’ the beat Like weed in my brain That’s why the tempo slowed down but got my mind overspeeding And read more »

Maille – Riles lyrics

Lyrics Riles – Maille I’m making this beat while on a flight, flight, flight New York City, business class, alright, right, right Don’t go there for holidays so why, why, why Ain’t no secret nigga I just maille, maille, maille Hotels, hotels, I don’t pay it’s fine, fine, fine Started from my bedroom, see me read more »

Energy – Riles lyrics

Lyrics Riles – Energy “Well.. Even in that deep misery I felt my energy revive And I said to myself In spite of everything I shall rise again I will take up my pencil Which I have forsaken in great discouragement And I will go on with my writing From that moment Everything has seemed read more »

Dontreallyknow – Riles lyrics

Lyrics Riles – Dontreallyknow I got a thousand in my pockets Paying drinks for everyone Cabs on cabs, hands on hands Long days, short nights On the run I’m not paying the hotel room And I wanna see Sarah Smoking blunts in the hotel room Watching Rick and Morty high I’m thinking.(dontreallyknow) You dontreallyknow what read more »

Understood – Riles lyrics

Lyrics Riles – Understood I spent One entire week without any rest Without getting out of my room I know it’s all in the head Always perfecting my craft I’m not that far from the best I understood the more you do The better you know yourself I understood the mind is bigger than the read more »